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Retail IQ Training
Vocational Education Training (VET) programs for small, medium and large sized customer service orientated organisations

Retail IQ Training provides accredited training programs in the areas of customer service, sales and management. Retail IQ Training is committed to providing quality accredited training programs that are;

Tailored toward improving key competencies including sales, service, teamwork, management, leadership, operations, information systems, OH&S and business strategy
Tailored toward improving business performance
Focused on personal and professional development
Provide participants with Certificate and Diploma level qualifications under the nationally recognised Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF)

With flexible delivery methods including work based training and structured class room training and with funding options available for most employers, Retail IQ Training can assist you and your organisation secure an edge in today's competitive environment.

Retail IQ Training programs are designed to promote the key concepts of innovation and change. Not only will your team develop an understanding of these key concepts, they will learn to apply those principles to make a lasting difference in their work environment.

Our Facilitator
Having worked for many years in senior management and specialist training roles, Sam Donato is an experienced facilitator and can provide your key staff with individual, group or corporate training programs.

Sam DonatoSam Donato
Sam Donato has 20 years of experience in leadership, management and business development. Sam brings his extensive knowledge to the forefront to help people grow both personally and professionally by helping them to respond more positively to the challenges of today’s workforce.

Prior to commencing his career in a training role Sam enjoyed many years in various management roles which required the application of the principles he now teaches. With his specialist background in management, operations & sales, Sam is highly skilled in applying sound practical methods to training and coaching in his field. His many years of hands-on experience allow him to bring out meaningful outcomes very quickly. Sam’s passion for developing people, his analytical and strategic abilities are always evident in every training interaction.

Retail IQ Training can help you with the training and development of your most important assets - your people! Our training is delivered in a format that best suits you and provides you with the opportunity to see the best results.

Contact Sam Donato today on (08) 8212 9588 for a discussion or email