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Strategic HR
Specialist human resources advice for retailers, sales and customer service orientated organisations

This section of the Retail IQ web site is orientated towards the needs of clients. If you are a candidate seeking an exciting new career opportunity, please visit the Job Seekers Section of this web site.

For Clients:

If the success of your business relies on effective strategic HR planning, our senior advisors provide clients with specialist advice on subjects such as;

Drafting Position Descriptions
Work flow analysis
Organisational structure
Job design
Workplace forecasting
Employee retention strategies
Employee incentive programs
Employee development programs
Employee selection and recruitment
Performance management
Data collation and interpretation
Pay structure decisions

How can Retail IQ help you with your Recruitment and Strategic HR?
We invite you to contact Martin Haese, Managing Director, on (08) 8212 9588 for a confidential discussion today.