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Skills, Competency & Behavioural Testing

At Retail IQ we take a balanced approach toward the candidate assessment processes. Our screening processes typically involve resume matching, interviews, reference checking and skills testing. We then assess the sum total of these activities rather than place a disproportionate reliance on one or the other. At Retail IQ, skills and competency testing takes several forms;

Performance based tests where each question is a complete task and an accurate simulation of an application's functions (i.e. inserting a formula in Excel 2003)
Skill based tests measuring a candidate's level of proficiency in a given skill area (i.e. typing speed)
Linear based tests which measure a candidate's knowledge of a subject (i.e. multiple-choice spelling)
Behavioural profiling assessments designed to measure a candidate's ranking against others in one or more aptitude profiles
Combination of linear based testing plus situational audio based simulations (i.e. suitable for Call Centre customer service scenarios)
Retail IQ has also identified eleven behavioural based tests to draw upon;
Workplace skills (measures mathematical and verbal reasoning, grammar, attention to detail, analysing skills)
Supervision (measures supervision, helping disposition, self-confidence, problem solving)
Management (measures leadership, ambition, assertiveness, stress management, candidness)
Productivity (measures reliability, candidness, rules compliance)
Industrial (measures assembly, inspection, light industrial math, drug free orientation)
Cognitive (measures verbal reasoning, logical and mathematical reasoning)
Heath Care (measures compassion, tolerance, team relations, patient relations)
Risk (measures trustworthiness, rules compliance, non-violent disposition)
Sales (measures ambition, self-confidence, reliability, candidness, communication)
Service (measures team work, helping disposition, reliability)
Workplace personality (measures flexibility, ambition, self-confidence, team player, stress management)
All of our testing is conducted online whereby candidates are assessed on the time taken to complete the test and their level of “candidness”. Each online test can typically take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour to complete. When working with a candidate, our Recruitment Consultants will often ask their candidate to complete several online tests.