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Retail Seminars
Retail IQ seminars and retail training workshops are practical, action orientated and inspiring

Are your sales growing, stagnant or in decline? Do your store managers have the skills to manage and grow your business in today’s competitive retail environment? Does your sales team know how to maximise every sales opportunity and build repeat clientele? Sales growth is the ultimate measure of your sales team’s performance. Are you investing in that growth?

Retail IQ facilitates a range of retail workshops on:  
Retail sales and service training
Retail store manager training

Shopping Centre Managers
Do your tenants have the retailing skills to manage and grow their businesses in today’s highly competitive retail environment? Make an investment in the security of your future rental income. Retail IQ provides building owners, asset managers and centre managers with effective retail seminars and workshops designed to assist tenants to better manage their business and build their profits. Retail IQ provides a flexible portfolio of retail seminar solutions including group seminars and private business coaching for tenants.

Retail IQ seminar packages can be delivered as a full day workshop or after business hours in six separate modules.

At our unique retail seminars, your tenants will learn:

Retail sales and service best practice
Retail reporting systems
Retail inventory management
Retail open to buy
Retail marketing, merchandising & management