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Job Seekers
Considering making a career move? Who is coaching YOU?

Have you considered the strategic importance of choosing the right recruitment firm to represent you? Have you considered the consequences of choosing a poorly matched recruitment firm and how that could impact and reflect directly upon you and your career? Do you know how to assess the competency of a recruitment firm? The next decision you make could have a significant impact on your career, happiness, fulfillment, sense of purpose and rewards. Please read on….

Why choose Retail IQ to present you?

Have you seen the movie Jerry McGuire? Remember the word “Quan?” This word is used in the movie by Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Junior and it refers to a shared commitment to finding success. Just like Jerry McGuire, the Retail IQ team are YOUR expert ambassadors of “Quan”. We understand and appreciate that you have turned to us to assist you with your career development and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

Other than “Quan” there are of course a number of additional and equally important strategic reasons why Retail IQ is the very best recruitment firm to represent you in South Australia:

Our team comprises of highly experienced Recruitment Consultants, each with their own former hands-on management experience in the retail industry
Our client list includes some of Australia’s largest and most influential publicly listed companies right through to small, innovative and growing local operators. The common dominator is that all of our clients strive toward being market leaders in their own right
Our advice provided to you will be considered and insightful  
Our contacts in the various retail, customer service and sales industry sectors could open doors for you  
Our commitment to help you will come as a very pleasant surprise  
Our confidentiality is paramount  
Our honesty is refreshing  
A word of advice: Carefully consider each of the above points before you venture out and register with any recruitment company. Think of your Recruitment Consultant as your “Agent”. You wouldn’t rush out and register with several “Agents”, so why register with several recruitment companies? Think it through. Take your time. Examine their credentials first. Ask some questions. You then decide.
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Registering with Retail IQ

In order for us to represent you, you first must register with Retail IQ. Registering with Retail IQ is easy and you have two options;
1. Register in person: We always prefer that you register in person. That way we have the opportunity to personally meet with you and start building a relationship which enables us to understand you and your skills, competencies, qualifications and career goals. To register in person, please call Adrian Lay on (08) 8212 9588 ext 5 to make a time where you can come in, meet one of our consultants and register with Retail IQ. Our team will then carefully assess your registration and may invite you in for a comprehensive interview and skills testing.  
2. Register online: In the event that you are interstate or unable to visit our offices in the short term, you can download and complete our Retail IQ candidate registration form and fax it to our offices on (08) 8212 8699. Our team will then carefully assess your registration and may invite you in for a comprehensive interview and skills testing.
Click here to download the Retail IQ Recruitment registration form


Following is a list of some exciting recruitment outcomes that our Recruitment Consultants have recently produced for our registered candidates;  
State Managers – various retail sectors  
Area Managers – various retail sectors  
Store Managers – various retail sectors  
Assistant Store Managers – various retail sectors  
Sales Associates – various retail sectors  
Sales Representatives – various wholesale and trade sectors  
Business development managers – pharmacy sector  
Business development executives – sustainable energy sector  
Restaurant Managers – quick service restaurants  
Night fill managers – hardware sector  
Accounts payable officers – various retail sectors  
Payroll officers – various retail sectors  
Chief Financial Officers/Accountants – various retail sectors  
Branch Managers – retail banking  
Business Development Managers – retail banking  
Customer service managers – retail banking  
Customer service specialists – retail banking  
Customer service representatives – retail banking  
Certified Financial Planners – investment banking  

For a comprehensive listing of the majority of employment opportunities that Retail IQ is presently advertising;
Click here to visit our listings on seek, Australia's #1 job site

As your expert “Coach”, it is our job to help you prepare yourself for your next career opportunity. Retail IQ has dedicated an entire facebook site to providing you with the tools to assist you in writing your Resume, researching your next potential employer, preparing yourself for the all-important interview and so much more. We encourage you to regularly visit the Retail IQ facebook and also register as a fan today. By registering as a fan, we will then be able to keep in touch with you as additional tools are added to your toolbox.
Click here to visit the Retail IQ facebook site today and download lots of useful and insightful tools
At Retail IQ, we are fascinated by technology and the role it plays in enabling the fast, efficient transfer of information. To further assist you, Retail IQ has developed a series of informative “How to” videos on the following important topics;
Watch How to prepare your resume – Part 1  
Watch How to prepare your resume – Part 2  
Watch How to prepare yourself for a job interview  


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